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3 Ways to Foster Imagination

In a world that puts performance, productivity, and output above all else, it can be a novel choice to prioritize play. But here’s the truth: Children learn and experience the early years of their lives with the help of their...

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3 Tips for Raising Confident Children

Every day, the world reinforces the idea that we need something outside of ourselves to confirm our confidence. These messages can look like many things—seeking external validation through likes on social media, getting a “well done” from your boss, or...

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Your Family’s Mental Health Now

Over the past two years, the ongoing global pandemic has impacted all of us, individuals, families, and communities, differently. And while it’s hard to speak to its effects in specific ways, there’s a universal truth we all can agree on:...

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What Makes Your Child Feel Loved?

Unconditional love is something we each strive to give our children. While it can sometimes be a challenge to offer up care and compassion, through our actions and words, showing the child in our lives love is always the goal....

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Healthy Boundaries, Loving Connections

It’s true that many of us didn’t learn how to set healthy boundaries as children. Because of this, a lot of adults today often have a negative association with the word “boundaries” itself. We might assume having to set boundaries...

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New Tools for Emotional Growth

Slumberkins was founded on a shared passion for promoting early emotional learning. To continuously build upon our mission of raising the next generation of caring, confident, and resilient children, we're always digging into emerging research and developing new ways to...

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6 Tips for Beating Holiday Burnout

December is a funny month. While all we really want is to relax and celebrate the holidays with friends and family, there are a million deadlines and to-do’s that seem to be getting in the way. Add to that the...

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3 Reasons Self-Care Is So Important

The holiday season is full of so much—fun, celebration, joy, and connection—but at the same time, it can also be a source of anxiety and the unexpected stressors that come up in all the planning and coordinating this time of...

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