Baby in One Hand, Phone in the Other. Is This the New Normal?

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Pinch us! We are thrilled and honored to have an article that is now LIVE over at Thrive Global. In the article, "Baby in One Hand, Phone in the Other. Is This the New Normal?" we discuss the use of digital devices for parents of young children. We are all guilty of using our devices around our kids, but does that mean we're bad parents? Together, we tackle the real feelings of mom guilt and take a deeper look at how parenting, in this digital age, is different from the generations before us.


Panic, guilt, fear… These are just a few of the emotions that came up while reading Arianna Huffington’s “We Are Now Realizing What Screen Use By Parents Is Doing To Kids, And It’s Troubling” article last week. I was struck by flashbacks of all the times my phone was in hand while holding babies. Memories arose of the many times I was not present, using my phone as an escape into a world of social media, work, or just a distraction from the tiny humans that were running my life...

...With my childhood education background, I know the best practices of parenting. That said, I needed to dive deeper into this article with Kelly to understand what it means for me and my kids, with the knowledge that I am guilty.

Here’s what Kelly had to say… Continue Reading on ->


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  • Tara VanDette

    The title grabbed my attention (even though my youngest is 3 older than baby). Panic, guilt, fear… yes, yes, yes. Thank you for putting a reality into perspective and suggest actionable goals.

  • Bella H

    So great to be reminded that simple is better and to live in the moment:)

  • Brianna Polach

    Love this article!! I just became a parent 2 months ago and I’m already realizing the effects of technology on how I connect with my daughter. I never realized how much I was utilizing my phone and tv to escape reality and cope with every day life. I have had to intentionally turn the tv off and place my phone in the other room to enjoy quality time with her. I have been having more play dates and going on walks instead of using technology to cope!

  • Kimburli Bridges

    This really speaks to me. I do find myself on my phone when she’s playing with her toys right in front of me, trying to get my attention. And when I do put my phone down and play with her, her face becomes so bright and she is so happy. “Mom is playing with me” and that’s what really makes me the most relaxed.

  • Cynthia Miller

    This is SO hard to remember sometimes. I have struggled with this so much. I use my phone to escape so I have taken to leaving it in my bedroom till the little is asleep. I continue to wear my watch that pairs to my phone so that I do not miss a call or text that could be important. I find myself being more present when I am not around my phone at all. Great read!

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