Honey Bear: An Introduction to Gratitude

Family reading Honey Bear to their two twin boys

When it comes to planting seeds of emotional well-being in our own children’s lives, we hope to see them reap the benefits of gratitude. Some of the outcomes of practicing gratitude include better relationships, increased happiness, a larger capacity for empathy, positive self-esteem, and increased mental strength.

As parents, we want our children to fully comprehend how much we love them and how much we are willing to do for them. We want happy, emotionally healthy kids who say proper thank yous, feel grateful for what we do for them, and live happy, fulfilled lives. All that said, the world our kids are stepping into may require more thoughtful preparation than what we needed when we were kids. This is especially true given increasingly intense demands—both social and academic—that are taking an emotional toll. 

Now, research is beginning to point toward what we have intuitively known for years—gratitude helps improve our overall health and well-being. A practice of gratitude is easy to start, and repetition will solidify these skills early on. 

This is the intention behind Honey Bear. Honey Bear’s story helps parents focus on the relationships they have with their children, bringing more awareness to things in their everyday lives that they can be grateful for. At Slumberkins, we know parents are the best role models of the skills we are trying to impart on children. So, like many of our books, the narrative of Honey Bear’s story is crafted in such a way that parents model gratitude by speaking words of appreciation to their child—thereby deepening the parent-child bond and creating a safe and loving space from which all learning and love can thrive. The story takes parents and children on an interactive journey where they are encouraged to notice gifts big and small all around. Ultimately, children learn to expand their definition of gifts from material things to love, people, nature, and experiences. 

Honey Bear’s storyline is a sweet addition to any bedtime routine, helping to build lasting memories of love, connection, and trust between families and children. 

**Honey Bear will be available Monday, 9/9 at 10:00am PT.  


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  • Kelly domonkos

    @keldandom ❤️❤️❤️

  • Haylee Taylor

    I love this gratitude bear it is simply adorable and the message is great! We use gratitude in our household by always sharing appreciation with one another. We have a three month old son who we always in front of him say thank you “mommy” or “daddy” we talk a lot of positive affirmation into him. Gratitude is so important to learn at a young age and it’s something that will carry into your future forever. Insta is @hayleescomett

  • Kelly domonkos

    It’s very important. Gratitude is an important thing to learn young and take it as they grow. We practise it often. If we don’t like something the kids ( 5 kids 4 and under including triplets ) are doing we try to say at least something they are doing right or how they are helping by and what we like about it instead of just saying no or that’s not good. We compliment them on how they use manners, how great they well with younger siblings and at the end of the day we replay the day and at bedtime we like to thank them for their help and cooperation with listening to mummy and daddy. They are little beings and need to know especially going to bed with good feeling for a great rest. We feel bedtime is important even if for a few minutes you make the. Feel good about the day on to the next. They’ve even started to compliment us lately on thankfong is for a yummy meal, hard work or even just saying the clothes we wear look nice on us. It’s amazing.

  • Katelyn Lindsey

    Gratitude is such an important thing. I try my best to teach my children how important it is.

  • Hillary Weston

    Every day my husband and I experience gratitude in new ways. We are foster parents in LA and every day we have with our little placements is a gift. We’re never knowing when our sweet time will end or if it will end. So we remind ourselves to be grateful and present to what is before us. Some days it’s encouraging visits to see bio families. While other days are filled with hard and frustrating misunderstandings on how to operate within the system. But on either day we’re grateful for hope in reconciliation and what the future could hold. Some consider fostering tough but my husband and I consider it to be a full experience. And we’re grateful that the “word” love is made new for us over and over.

    I know this sweepstakes is over but I just adore your company and all of the tender consideration that goes into loving on our kiddos. We send our slumber kind home with our placements and we love passing on the intention that goes behind each character.

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