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Hartley: An Alliance of Moms & Slumberkins Collaboration

Co-founders Kelly and Callie took their connections to foster care and created a creature that speaks to blended and foster families around the world- Hartley. Hartley is unlike any other creature, and Slumberkins donates proceeds to help continue the important mission the Alliance of Moms is carrying out. Read more about Hartley and the “Heart Family.”

We have a very exciting announcement that has been in the works for a while – and now the time has come to say: We’re so happy to introduce you to Hartley!

Hartley is a special Slumberkin, whose story was written specifically for children in blended families, in foster care, or who have been adopted.

Hartley Slumber Sloth

Both of us have very personal connections to children in foster care. My (Callie’s) parents were foster parents when I was a child, so I understand how painful of a transition it can be for both the children placed in the home, and for the family that opens their home, when the time comes for a foster child to leave. Kelly’s own father was a foster child, and she has also worked with children in foster care for many years as a therapist in the Portland Public School District.

In our ongoing mission to give back, we have partnered with the Alliance of Moms to support a cause that you can see is very near to our hearts: foster care. Founded by five LA moms in 2014, the Alliance of Moms is a membership-based auxiliary group that supports the work of the Alliance for Children’s Rights. Their mission is to break the intergenerational cycle of babies born to teens in foster care. (You can read more about their mission, along with some staggering statistics, here.)

For this very special partnership, we have created an exclusive Alliance of Moms Slumber Sloth and Sleepytime Rhyme board book: The Hartley Bundle.

The Hartley Slumber Sloth is an ultra-soft and cuddly friend that, when used as a transitional object, can provide an immense amount of comfort and a feeling of security – to help ease anxiety and transitions for little ones.

The corresponding interactive Hartley Sleepytime Rhyme board book focuses on diversity within families and the importance of love – not blood – binding families together into a “Heart Family.” Themes of healthy family attachments, family transitions, self-esteem, and acceptance are woven throughout this thoughtful and heart-warming story. The pairing of the Slumber Sloth and Sleepytime Rhyme is perfect for normalizing diverse family structures and empowering children to take a fluid and positive view of the important relationships that shape our lives. It emphasizes that whether near or far, we carry our families in our hearts.

For every Hartley Bundle purchased, Slumberkins will donate a portion of proceeds directly to the Alliance of Moms. When you choose to purchase this bundle, you are directly impacting the organization and the young mothers and fathers they support – empowering them to become informed parents who are equipped to give their children the healthy childhood they so deserve.

Our Hartley Bundle will be available on May 1st, 2018. 


  • Maureen Moss-Lubell

    Trigger alert: Adoption + Hartley Kin
    I just got my tax refund, and I was scrolling down through the Slumberkins list to check out some of the bundles that I hadn’t been able to afford previously… And I stumbled upon Hartley for the first time.
    Apparently I’m rather late to this table; Hartley was introduced several years ago, as a special Slumberkin for adoptees & foster kiddies, before I was ever aware of Slumberkins at all. As an adoptee myself (some 70-odd years ago), this old granny loved the idea of having a special Slumberkin for adopted & foster children. I have to ask — is it still possible to purchase a Harley or Harley bundle? And are y’all still working specially to get these into the hands of adopted & foster kids? If I can get my paws on a Harley kin, I’d love to do so…. Or if not, I’d like to at least make a donation toward any work you’re still doing with adopted and/or foster kiddies, if this is still ongoing.
    I’d also like to challenge any of my fellow adoptees and/or former foster kids on this list (if any) to join me in contributing to such very kind & important work. 💕 💕 💕

  • Brittany Anderson

    Will Hartley come back?

  • Kasey

    Hi, I have been earnestly searching for just the perfect item to put in a small gift basket for our birthmother. I am planning to order a Hartley bundle for the precious new soul the Lord has for our family and am considering ordering one for the basket for her keepsake. Is there any way I could see what is inside the book? Or could you tell me if the book would be appropriate for that kind of gift? I’d rather this comment not be posted just didn’t see any other way to get my question to you.
    Thank you for your help.

  • Amber Carrasco

    I would love to know the story behind how the name Hartley was chosen. I have a son named Hartley.

  • Callie Christensen

    Congratulations Alexandra Perry, you are the winner of a Hartley Bundle. We will email you.

    Thank you for all of the amazing feedback and comments! We are so excited to debut Hartley today for National Foster Care Awareness Month.

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