Intentional Gift Giving

As a company founded and run by parents, we are constantly questioning how to best infuse the opportunity for parent-child connection, skill building, play, and comfort into one cuddly creature that children of all ages can enjoy. For many adults, the best gift we receive all year is the joy on a child’s face upon unwrapping a package from a special person — their excitement and wonder ripple outward as they eagerly tear open wrapping paper to uncover the gift awaiting them inside.

All too often, it seems, the very gift that they once pawned over soon becomes “old news”. They develop new interests and skills as they grow. They hear about a friend’s new game or pair of shoes, and begin crafting their next wishlist. The longevity of the gifts that were once the center of their world is often far shorter than we’d hoped.

Here at Slumberkins, we strive to create intentional gifts that keep giving at every developmental phase. We know the modern-world parenting struggle is real: We want to help our children become their best selves and succeed in every aspect of the word, but our busy lives can leave us wishing we had more time to teach important skills, listen deeply, observe, and simply be fully present with our children. When juggling the countless tasks on our to-do lists leaves us feeling stretched thin, it’s more important than ever to build in routines that foster positive attachments and relaxation. And what better way to incorporate these routines than with a favorite cuddly creature?

This holiday season as you brainstorm gift ideas for your wee ones, you may find yourself torn between an item that you know will offer them excitement, and one that appeals to your dream of supporting their growth and development. What if a single gift could include both? Gifting with the intention to invite both excitement and learning is what we’re all about here at Slumberkins. This intentional gift giving is increasing in popularity and it’s easy to see why.

Learning does not have to be restricted to a classroom — quite the contrary! When learning opportunities and fun are integrated seamlessly into bedtime routines or conflict resolution conversations at home, we invite our children to journey toward becoming their best selves right alongside us. We model to them that mistakes are essential steps in the learning process. We connect and enjoy our time together in authentic ways that value our children’s unique gifts. We offer a structure for engaging in concrete skill-building though affirmations and relaxation techniques, while fostering a genuine parent-child bond.

These are the ingredients that inspire us each and every day as we dream up new cuddly creatures to join the Slumberkins family. We hope they’ll soon become a beloved part of yours.


  • Amanda Minton

    Slightly obsessed with you guys! My little man is 3.5 months and really hope he gets into his Slumberkins, he’s not there yet but I always snuggle him up with his hammerhead in his car seat! We also have the sloth!

  • Irina

    There’s nothing I love more than intentional toys or toys that can be cherished and passed on! I love that Slumberkins are just that!

  • Jasmine

    I just found these and love them!! We are actually wanting to buy a couple different categories of Montessori toys for my younger two. That they can play with long term more so then the plastic light up toys. But I would love to get this for my two year old and my new little guy for Christmas!

  • Shawna Hehr

    I found this sweet company purely by accident but could not be more grateful to you. Knowing the thought, care and intention in creating an item for us to love and appreciate through many of life’s hills and valleys affirms my belief that there is love stitched in to each one of theseadorable creations. We are proud to have Bigfoot stuffie in the center of many of our adventures and can’t wait to add a yeti in the mix. 💕

  • Brittney Gladstone

    I have a 7 year old and a 1 year old. I’ve never thought about getting a set for my 7 year old but I showed him what Slumberkins are all about and he is begging for one for Christmas. Hes a very emotional little boy so I can’t wait to see how he feels about them ❤️.

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