Intentional Gift Giving

We’re talking about exchanging gifts that support a variety of skills, while also sparking joy! You can do both, and we want to have an honest discussion around why giving intentional gifts can be so beneficial. Read more on giving with intention.

As a company founded and run by parents, we’re constantly looking for opportunities to create meaningful parent-child connections. In fact, our cuddly creatures were born from a desire to share moments filled with skill-building lessons, comfort, bonding, and of course, play - a topic that’s always front of mind around the holidays. 

For us parents, caregivers, and general enthusiasts of all the wonderful children in our lives, the best gift we get each Christmas is watching the look of sheer excitement on a child’s face as they disappear into piles of wrapping paper and bows. We wait for the uncontainable glee that charges the room as each present is eagerly unveiled. 

That moment of wonder is something we deeply long to give our children, but inevitably, children do what they do best. They grow. And as they grow, the very things that once held such coveted positions in their heart soon become “old news”. They develop new interests and skills. They hear about a new scooter or a pair of light-up shoes (which, we won’t lie...are pretty cool), and begin crafting their next wish list before the wrapping paper has gone cold. The gifts that were once the center of their world are left at the bottom of lonely toy bins to grow old. 

At Slumberkins, we’re all about helping you find "the gift loophole” - something your child will love from the first moment of discovery to the first hints of young adulthood. Our intentional gifts are designed to keep giving at every developmental phase by fostering deeper emotional ties and supporting positive habits that carry your child through the crucial early years of their life. 

We know modern day parenting ain’t easy, and while the desire to help our children become their best selves is strong, it can be hard to know exactly how. Our busy lives can get in the way of important teaching moments, careful listening, and simply being fully present with our children. 

With constant demands on our time and energy stretching us thin, it’s more important than ever to create built-in routines that actively support positive attachments and needed relaxation for both our children and ourselves (#RealTalk). And what better way to incorporate these routines than by giving your child a set time and space to slow down, reflect, and cuddle something extra adorable?

This holiday season, as you brainstorm gift ideas for your favorite tiny humans, you may feel torn between an item that offers excitement, and one that supports their growth and development. We say, why be forced to choose? Why not offer one solution that inspires both fun and learning?

Whatever gifts land under your tree this year, we hope our cuddly creatures will serve as a reminder that learning doesn’t have to be restricted to a classroom. When we integrate learning opportunities seamlessly into bedtime routines and everyday moments, we invite our children to reach for their best selves right alongside us. When we attach abstract emotions to a tangible experience, we give our child the chance to put a face and a name to their own personal development. We model to them that mistakes are essential steps in the learning process. We connect and bond in authentic ways that nurture our child’s unique identity. 

These are the warm, fuzzy moments that inspire us each and every day in welcoming new cuddly creatures to join the Slumberkins family. We hope they’ll soon become a beloved part of yours.



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  • Amanda Minton

    Slightly obsessed with you guys! My little man is 3.5 months and really hope he gets into his Slumberkins, he’s not there yet but I always snuggle him up with his hammerhead in his car seat! We also have the sloth!

  • Irina

    There’s nothing I love more than intentional toys or toys that can be cherished and passed on! I love that Slumberkins are just that!

  • Jasmine

    I just found these and love them!! We are actually wanting to buy a couple different categories of Montessori toys for my younger two. That they can play with long term more so then the plastic light up toys. But I would love to get this for my two year old and my new little guy for Christmas!

  • Shawna Hehr

    I found this sweet company purely by accident but could not be more grateful to you. Knowing the thought, care and intention in creating an item for us to love and appreciate through many of life’s hills and valleys affirms my belief that there is love stitched in to each one of theseadorable creations. We are proud to have Bigfoot stuffie in the center of many of our adventures and can’t wait to add a yeti in the mix. 💕

  • Brittney Gladstone

    I have a 7 year old and a 1 year old. I’ve never thought about getting a set for my 7 year old but I showed him what Slumberkins are all about and he is begging for one for Christmas. Hes a very emotional little boy so I can’t wait to see how he feels about them ❤️.

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