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Have you met Callie and Kelly yet? We’re sharing 20 facts about the two moms and educators on a mission that started Slumberkins! Read more to learn about these two amazing women and what keeps them so involved with empowering little ones.kins.

We’re going behind the scenes to introduce you to the two founders of Slumberkins, Kelly and Callie! Both mothers with backgrounds in therapy and education, the pair saw a need for an intentional children’s brand dedicated to teaching social-emotional skills. 

Below, Callie and Kelly share fifteen fun facts about their journey to starting Slumberkins. Read on to learn more about our two amazing founders and discover what keeps them inspired as they continue supporting families and empowering children everywhere.

1) We started Slumberkins while on maternity leave together in the Summer and Fall of 2015 after we had our baby boys, Owen and Aidan. (This picture was taken in Sunriver, Oregon on a maternity retreat we decided to take. We had bins of Slumberkins with us that we were working on hand embroidery with the entire time we were there!)

2) We were inspired to make a lovey that would be completely unique and unlike anything else out there while going on postpartum walks around the Pacific Northwest. (This picture was taken mid-walk where we came up with the ideas for our Sleepytime Rhymes.)

3) Kelly has a dual Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy and School Counseling and currently works as a school counselor.

4) Callie has a Masters in Teaching degree with endorsements in Elementary Education and Special Education.

5) We both still work part-time in Education.

6) Since starting Slumberkins, both of our families have welcomed another baby.

7) Callie lives with her husband Tyson and four children: Logan, Henry, Owen, and Cora.

8) Kelly lives with her husband Colin and they have two children: Aidan and Oliver.

9) Kelly played volleyball for the University of Oregon. (Go Ducks!)

10) Callie played basketball for the University of Hawaii. (Go Bows!)

11) We've been best friends since we were freshman is high school.

12) Kelly lived in and played professional volleyball in Switzerland for 4 years after college. (Callie made sure to go visit as many times as possible.)

13) Kelly speaks 3 languages: English, Spanish, and German.

14) Callie's husband is a former Airborne Army Ranger.

15) Kelly is the poet behind the Sleepytime Rhymes. Callie tends to be a support for story line ideas and looking up rhyming words to help fuel the creative flow.

16) We are both over 6 feet tall.

17) Callie is actually pronounced "Kaylee" - her Dad misspelled her name when writing it on the birth certificate and it just never got changed. (He's a notorious terrible speller and we love him for it.)

18) Our boys Owen & Aidan are best friends and FaceTime at least 1-2 times per day when they aren't together.

19) Kelly was attached to a blanket as a child up until (she'd rather not say).

20) Slumberkins is like our shared child and we can't believe it's gotten to the place that it has. We know we keep saying this, but there SO MUCH more behind the scenes we're working on and we just can't wait to share it with all of you!

There is so much work happening behind the scenes at Slumberkins, and we loved having the opportunity to share a little more about ourselves today. If you’d like to introduce yourself, we’d love it if you joined our Slumberkins group on Facebook—say hi and connect with the community! And if you’d like to learn more about our creatures, head here to meet the Crews.

We’re endlessly grateful for the outpouring of support from the Slumberkins community. As a company committed to raising resilient, caring, and confident children, we’re so happy you’ve chosen to join us in this journey.


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