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Educator Curriculum

Digital Unit Plans

Lessons designed to introduce social emotional concepts to students and then broaden their understanding of those concepts over time. Each lesson plan reinforces positive life skills through touch, sight, and sound.

Each Unit Plan connects to core beliefs and supports social emotional learning from the inside out.

Personalize each SEL lesson for teaching to large group, small group, or individual children.

Innovative interactive activities, affirmation cards, music, nurturing voice, repetition, and much more.

Included in every pack

  • 4 Lesson Plans
    Introduce Social Emotional concepts, practice skills, and participate in social emotional learning activities that deepen learning
  • Key Terms and Vocabulary
    Support students in understanding terminology used within the Slumberkins Library
  • Classroom Visuals and Activities
    Print out SEL activities to use again and again
  • Progress Monitoring
    Track progress and growth in your classroom
  • Teacher Scripted and Differentiated
    For easy prep and support in meeting the needs if all students
  • Discussion and Reflection Questions
    Deepen the understanding and support the generalization of new social emotional learning skills

Big Books

Books designed to be used in a classroom by educators and teachers who've been there.

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