Meet Yeti

Yeti directs our attention to the connection between our bodies and minds, supporting us through the process of naming and regulating our emotions. Mindfulness encourages children to pay attention to their feelings using all the senses. Over time, this empowers children to self-regulate and reduce anxiety.

Yeti shows your child how to connect with feelings and experiences

  • Concentration
  • Sensational awareness
  • Emotional regulation

I slow down and am calm. I sit very still. I take deep breaths, relax, and chill.

— Yeti's Affirmation

Yeti Snuggler with snowflake icons

Calm and connected

When we learn to mindfully move through the world, we can more actively enjoy our experiences. Download free worksheets that help children practice this important skill.

Yeti activity Sheet
“Yeti Kin is very well made and extremely soft.”


Mother and son holding yeti kin