Meet Lynx

Lynx wants us to be bold and brave, and to speak up for ourselves. Self-Expression helps children tune out the messages that tell them to tame and quiet themselves while encouraging them to speak their mind and hold their own healthy boundaries.

Lynx encourages your child to speak up for themselves

  • Healthy boundaries
  • Inner wisdom
  • Self-advocacy
I can say what I need. I know I belong. I speak my truth when I feel it. I am worthy and strong.

— Lynx's Affirmation

lynx snuggler with a tree and flower icon

Embracing Our Truths

Trusting and learning to speak up for ourselves is at the core of self-expression. Support your child in building these skills with free activities and worksheets.

An example of a Self-Expression worksheet with various questions and activities
“I love how soft Lynx is and how easy she is to hold.”