Together We Shine

Dear Future World,

We’ve been thinking about you a lot. And we know you’re going to be amazing. More caring and kind. Big and open and fair. Like a big family. Where things may change, but they’ll make us even stronger. Where we might get down sometimes, but we always get back up. A place full of love, where there’s always room to be me, and a chance to be there for each other.

That’s a lot, Future World
But I know we can do it.
Because Together, We Shine.

More Joy. More Expression.
More Connection.

At Slumberkins, we believe that by embracing our emotions and emphasizing connection, we can all become our brightest selves.

Our Story

Before we were Slumberkins, we were a special-education and family therapist duo. Today, our growing collection of relatable characters, skill-building books, and positive affirmations are changing the way children embrace themselves and the world around them.

Shine With Us

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Resources & Activities

Approachable and fun, our connection-based resources help parents and educators facilitate growth and learning at home and in the classroom.