Lynx, Trust Yourself Board Book
Lynx, Trust Yourself Board Book
Lynx, Trust Yourself Board Book

An Introduction to Self-Expression

Lynx, Trust Yourself Board Book

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Promotes: Self-Expression

Young children often grow up with messages to tame and quiet themselves. Lynx's story teaches children that using their voice to speak their truth is a gift to the world and encourages them to be bold, brave, and to speak up for themselves.

Share the adventure with Lynx in this interactive board book with 12 illustrated pages. This board book reminds children to be bold, brave, listen to their inner voice, and speak up for themselves.

What's Included

The Board Book

About the size of an adult hand from fingertip to the bottom of your palm

Downloadable Resources

Free resources like coloring and activity sheets, and games that you can download at any time


  • Intentionally designed without detachable plastic pieces to give caretakers peace of mind
  • Board Books measure 5"W x 7"L
“Lynx's story is so important for everyone but I really feel this is something little girls especially need to know and practice.”

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