6 Tips for Beating Holiday Burnout

December is a funny month. While all we really want is to relax and celebrate the holidays with friends and family, there are a million deadlines and to-do’s that seem to be getting in the way. Add to that the pressure to make the season magical for your little one(s), and it all becomes exhausting just to think about.

We’ve been there, and we get it. As caregivers, it’s natural for us to always be focused on giving to others. Whether that’s children, partners, parents, coworkers, or friends, we all have a lot of people in our lives we want to show up for at our best. But if we’re not taking the time to rest, recharge, and offer ourselves a little self-care, that can be an impossible task. 

Because when it comes down to it, December, the holidays, and the end of the year is a time to be celebrated. So if you’re feeling like you’d rather fast forward straight to January 1st, this is the article for you. Here are some ideas from the Slumberkins team to help give you time to recharge your energy.

“My preschooler made up a game called ‘Christmas Night’ where I was instructed to lay down and sleep while he brought me gifts. It was quite relaxing. I highly recommend.” -Sarah 

Try playing the Slumberkins storytime videos so you can learn and listen to stories together without having to read them yourself.” - Bailey

“One of my favorite holiday hacks is going to look at holiday lights. It’s a common tradition that has taken on new meaning with kids. It can fill an entire evening in the car where the kids are happy and having fun without being ON my body.” - Alissa 

“Let the kids help decorate the house and tree rather than stressing about it looking perfect.” - Julie 

"Encourage your kiddos to make their own ornaments. Have kids scribble on paper, decorate, then cut them into shapes. Add a string and hang them around the house or give them as gifts.” - Elise 

“My husband and I are instituting a Norwegian tradition this year. Each Christmas Eve, everyone is given a new book, and then we dedicate the rest of the evening to reading. The house is quiet, maybe with a little soft music, and everyone curls up with their new book! I looked it up and it actually has a name: Jolabokaflod!” - Becca 

Here’s the truth: There are still a few more weeks left of this busy season. Maybe you’re looking for last-minute gifts, planning out a holiday party, or trying to wrap things up at work before taking your (much-deserved) winter break. Whatever the case, we hope you can incorporate a few of these tips into your schedule and the time you spend with your child, so that you can step into 2022 feeling present, refreshed, and restored.

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