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New Tools for Emotional Growth

Slumberkins was founded on a shared passion for promoting early emotional learning. To continuously build upon our mission of raising the next generation of caring, confident, and resilient children, we're always digging into emerging research and developing new ways to better support children and caregivers.

Our latest effort? We’re introducing an exciting update to our library of skill-building board books! You may have noticed that Slumberkins books now include Reflect & Connect Questions at the end of each story. To help deepen children’s understanding of social-emotional skills and concepts, this resource supports caregivers in asking thoughtful, discussion-building questions and sharing ideas for how to support these important messages in your child’s daily life. 

These questions are designed to reinforce children’s learning. Or, if your child is a pre-verbal reader, Reflect & Connect Questions help caregivers encourage children to engage with the lessons in other ways. Whether it’s encouraging creativity with Dragon, promoting kids conflict resolution with Hammerhead, or reflecting on any of the other important skills our books teach, the Reflect & Connect Questions offer more opportunities for social-emotional learning and for children and caregivers to build an even stronger bond.

What’s more, each of our board books now belongs to one of either two new categories: Our Introduction Books and Lesson Books. The difference between the two? Introduction Books are written and designed to be the first experience a child has with a social-emotional topic. These social emotional learning books read like a sweet poem filled with affirming words and messages. Plus, they’re a great foundation for any caregiver to start with.

From there, caregivers can move onto our Lesson Books. These books build upon the lesson shared in each collection’s Introduction Book. We wrote these books about relatable and specific topics that children likely go through. Our Lesson Books provide children with an example of how they might experience that collection’s topic and use those skills in their day-to-day life.

Ready to dive in and discover all the lessons our board books offer? You can shop all of our board books on

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  • Jessica

    I would name dragon Iris, Koko, or Beryl Iris and Koko mean Rainbow and Beryl is a green color. Koko also has deeper meaning: love, good fortune and be delighted. My last choice would be Adora because it means adored.

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