Finding Calm in the Midst of Summer

Making decisions about our summers can bring on a myriad of questions.  Should our kids go to camp? Should they take enriching trips? Should we be outside? There is, however, one part of summer break that is important for all of us to remember: find moments of calm. 

So many of us have been on auto pilot and going through our daily routines while the world around us has been anything but ordinary. This summer try finding your own unique family ways to stop, relax and connect with one another. Here are some tips below to sprinkle in some relaxing summer fun for your family: 

Get outside: Whether it is an afternoon running through a sprinkler, a kiddie pool in the backyard, or a vacation to somewhere new, being outside and spending time together has positive benefits for your whole family’s mental health.

Create a bucket list for your summer: Ask your children what things would make their summer special and create a visual list that you can check off as you go. Another fun way to create a bucket list is to make a scratch-off board where you all choose some fun activities. Check out the fun scratch-off bucket list activity below!

Activity: Make a scratch-off bucket list!
  1. Mix equal parts dish soap and acrylic paint.
  2. Then use a piece of cardboard and draw any desired shapes and fill in the activities.
  3. Cover the activity portion of the board with scotch or packing tape.
  4. Paint over the activities.
  5. When you have some down time and need something to do, have your child scratch off one of the spaces for a fun summertime adventure.

Slow Down and Explore: Take note of moments when you can stop and connect with your family. Maybe it is exploring a new city you are staying in, finding a sight-seeing destination on the way to your next activity, or even seeking out fun local restaurants, museums, or playgrounds.

Stick to a Routine: While it might seem counter intuitive, maintaining a daily routine for kids is incredibly important. Especially for younger children, creating a visual schedule of what to expect each day can be helpful in keeping the tranquility in your home. Knowing what to expect and what comes next helps children feel safe and secure. If you use Velcro pieces on your list you can also adjust it for days where you may be doing something out of the ordinary or to make adjustments as you get used to your summer routine.

One-on-One Time: Moments of connection do not have to be big things either. Scheduling in 15-30 minutes a day for 1:1 time with your child can help you both feel more relaxed and connected. It can be as simple as coloring together, playing with their favorite toys together, going on a walk, or reading together. Our children thrive when they feel safe, supported, and loved.

We hope that this list has been helpful and that you are able to find some space for breaks this summer. What are some of your favorite ways to take breaks and relax with your family?

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