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Season's Greetings From Slumberkins!

Happy Holidays! We’re talking about intentional gifting- what does it mean to gift intentionally? We have tips and guidelines to help guide you this holiday season as you navigate being mindful about gift exchanges- in this holiday season and year-round!

No matter how you're celebrating this holiday season, we know that it's easy to get overwhelmed with family commitments, last-minute shopping, crazy traffic, crowds, cleaning, cooking, hosting, travel... the list goes on!

Slumberkins Yeti Holiday

Luckily, Yeti is here to remind you to slow your roll. Repeat Yeti’s affirmation whenever you’re starting to feel overwhelmed (it’s not just for little ones!):

I am here in the now.

I am calm and still.

I notice things around me.

I am present and chill.

Ahh… doesn’t that feel better?

While we’re in a more mindful state, let’s take a moment to talk about intentional gifting.

What is intentional gifting?

The definition varies, depending on the source, but we like to think of intentional gifting for children as a way to scale back on the sheer amount of gifts by choosing just a few, more meaningful, intentional ones. (If you open stockings in your household, stocking stuffers are separate and don’t necessarily have to follow these guidelines.) If it’s helpful, you can create gift categories and only buy one or two things from each one. For example:

  1. Something they want
  2. Something they need
  3. Something to wear
  4. And something to read

Not only does intentional gifting cut back on overspending and clutter, it allows you to focus on family and to be more present and ready to celebrate your holiday traditions, while giving back to others – and isn’t that what the holiday season is all about?

Just like the goal of gifting with intention, our Slumberkins are cuddly creatures with intention. If you still need to check off something from the categories above, you’re in luck! Our Sleepytime Rhymes board books are more than just something to read; they’re teaching tools for parents, too! You can give the ultimate gift that will satisfy many of the intentional gifting categories above, by choosing from our Bundles that include a Sleepytime Rhymes board book and matching Slumberkin. Just choose which intention and social-emotional life skill you’d like to focus on: Relaxation, Self Esteem, Mindfulness, or Transitions.

Our sweet little Slumberkins want to remind you to order by 11:59pm PST, Sunday, December 17th in order to get your order in time for Christmas delivery!

Slumberkins Holiday Packages

From our hearts to yours – we wish you a joyous, intentional, and cuddly holiday season!


  • Madeline Chaffee
    So I have twins so if I could I want to slumber kins pink and purple and their favorite book is little blue truck or llama llama books

  • Madeline Chaffee
    So I have twins so if I could I want to slumber kins pink and purple and their favorite book is little blue truck or llama llama books

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