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Slumberkins: Cuddly, Sweet, and Full of Intention

Slumber Sloth holds your little one’s hands through the bedtime routine and promotes relaxation. Good news for parents, great news for little ones who need some extra help winding down after exciting days. Read more about Slumber Sloth and how you can implement an intentional routine at bedtime.

At first glance, Slumberkins draw you in with their sweet faces, unique designs, and utterly irresistible, silky-soft hugs. But there’s more to them than meets the eye…

Slumberkins are cuddly creatures with intention.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, at the heart of each creature is its unique skill-building Sleepytime Rhyme. Each of these stories teaches a different social-emotional concept using sight, touch, and sound to engage children and solidify the skill-building process.

Let’s delve a little deeper to show how much thought, care, and intention goes into each creature and its accompanying Sleepytime Rhyme.

Today we are featuring our best-selling creature: Slumber Sloth

Slumber Sloth and Sleepytime Rhyme Book

Slumberkins' Sloth is the cutest and coziest creature around (although our other creatures beg to differ)! Slumber Sloth promotes rest and peaceful slumber through the interactive Sleepytime Rhyme using therapeutic techniques to promote relaxation and sleep. Progressive muscle relaxation is a therapeutic technique used in cognitive behavioral therapy that we thread throughout this Sleepytime Rhyme to create a mind-body connection, while focusing on relaxing various muscle groups in an organized, systematic fashion.

All of our Sleepytime Rhymes are designed to have moments of meaningful interaction between the reader and child. In Slumber Sloth’s story, for example, we encourage parents and kids to touch fingers when counting their deep breaths. Incorporating touch and eye contact stimulates the areas of the brain associated with positive attachment. When our little ones feel connected and safe, they are able to transfer that feeling of love and security that they feel with their parent or caregiver to an object (like their Slumber Sloth). In turn, the Slumberkin aids in solidifying important skills while providing the familiar comfort of a parent or caregiver, even when they are not nearby.

Hazel Bedtime Routine

Another special thing about each Sleepytime Rhyme is how we intentionally wrote each story in rhyming form. By providing a melody and rhythm, kids recall them more easily, and are better able to stay engaged and present in the moment. The soothing words – combined with our relaxation techniques – help lull your sweet little ones into dreamland.  

We believe in the educational and emotional power of our Sleepytime Rhymes so much that we want everyone to be able to access them, regardless of whether or not you choose to purchase a Slumberkin of your very own! For this reason, they are always available for free download on our site.

Our hope is that our snugly Slumberkins and their accompanying Sleepytime Rhymes will serve as a soothing, educational, and happy part of your bedtime, naptime – or anytime in between.

But don’t just take our word for it! Here are some testimonials from parents and children who have felt the magic and intention built into our Slumberkins firsthand.

"My 1 year old daughter has been snuggling her Slumberkins (3 Sloths and 1 Yeti) for a few months now. They really help her settle down at night. I have given several as gifts and my 2 older children now each have a Yeti. They are so soft and make for an unexpected, delightful gift for just about anyone. We love Slumberkins!"

~Jen Doyle

"I first came across Slumberkins through Instagram. I immediately fell in love with their adorable loveys, and when I found out the mission behind them, I loved them even more! As a former kindergarten teacher and mama of two, I appreciate a toy that is multipurpose. We have some of every style of Slumberkin and they are all wonderful! Both my boys (3 years and 3 months) love to cuddle their loveys and bring them with them everywhere! We couldn't ask for a better toy or company!"

~Lindsay Sams



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