Narwhal Snuggler
Narwhal Snuggler
Narwhal Snuggler
Narwhal Snuggler

Narwhal Snuggler

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Sea Foam

Promotes: Growth Mindset
Help little ones use a growth mindset to solve problems and make a difference in the world alongside their best friend, Narwhal. Through problem-solving and recognizing when to ask for help, Narwhal learns how to make a difference in the world around him.

What is a Growth Mindset? 

A growth mindset helps take thoughts like: 

"I give up."
"I can't do this."
"I'll never be as smart as them."

    And repositions them into: 

    "This may take some time and effort to learn."
    "I can always ask for help."
    "We can learn from each other."

      Find FREE Growth Mindset Resources and digital downloads at our Slumberkins School HERE.


      • Machine washable, air dry
      • Intentionally designed without detachable plastic pieces to give caretakers peace of mind
      • Snugglers measure 16" L (including ears) and 9" W at the feet
      • Soft and silky fur, perfect for smooshy hugs
      • Stuffed with hypoallergenic fiberfill
      • 100% Polyester material
      • Board Book (measures 
5" W x 7" L) & Affirmation Card (Affirmation Card style may vary)
      • See the size chart for a complete list of sizes for all of our products

      What's Included

      The Snuggler

      A reassuring lovey for 0-3-year-old children with soft fur that’s perfect for snuggles

      The Board Book

      About the size of an adult hand from fingertip to the bottom of your palm

      The Affirmation Card

      A daily affirmation for your child to practice and carry with them wherever they go

      Downloadable Resources

      Free resources like coloring and activity sheets, and games that you can download at any time

      “This isn’t our first Slumberkins purchase (it’s the fifth) but definitely my son’s favorite. I bought him Narwhal when he would get frustrated with his toys.”

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