Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

As a children’s emotional learning brand, we pledge to examine everything we do through the lens of equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

Yes, everything.

First, we start with ourselves, upholding our value that change starts from within. Self-work is encouraged through internal learning, courageous conversations, and open lines of feedback. As a company, we also look at data and the way policies impact some differently than others.  

Then we turn outward, putting the same lens on our growing collection of books, our SEL curriculum for educators, and the conversations we spark on Slumberkins Social. When it comes to our products and content, we are committed to the research and expansion of topics to ensure every child has access to stories that are culturally relevant to their lived experiences. 

In the world of emotional learning, our lived experiences are everything. When the identities we hold and the relationships, communities, and institutions we are a part of intersect, this may support or create barriers to our sense of belonging and emotional wellbeing. That said, we pledge to approach our work with nuance as we meet children and their families where they are. 

Lastly, we acknowledge that a statement, social media post, partnership, or donation is a small step at best and performative at worst. We will hold ourselves accountable for our impact when we mess up. We will continue to center the voices of those who have been traditionally silenced or forgotten and uphold a space where everyone can express their thoughts and feelings. 

This poem by our Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Manager Krista Olson captures the essence of our work and the responsibility we have for one another’s liberation.

May our work build refuge for all who seek to belong
Planting roots deep in dignity, proudly blooming the fullest expression of humanity.
When the way is long and muddy on our journey toward liberation

May we forge an opening even when our shelter stands in the way.
Claiming the truth that we are all bound up and part of the collective
Inherently valued, inherently connected and thus responsible for one another.

May we enact the chambers of our heart where wisdom resides
As we hold to account any idea that does not reflect our hope for the world.

May we hold fast to the promises we made to those the work serves
Using imagination and determination to uncover and center the silenced 
voices of truth.

Although each step may not be forward, let it be toward each other
A dance, a journey, a way in which together we shine. 

At Slumberkins, we value feedback and constructive criticism as vital parts of our growth. When you see an area of opportunity for our company, we invite you to email Krista at, so we can talk personally. We believe collaboration and connection are the only ways to create real and lasting change, so we ask that you also communicate with us with respect and dignity.