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Shedding Light on Core Beliefs

This article explore the concepts of core beliefs and answers the questions as to what they are, why they matter, and how we set our kids up for success by instilling adaptive beliefs early on?

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Perfectionism and Self-Acceptance

Do you know that voice inside your head that says you ‘messed up’, or you ‘aren’t good enough’? Maybe it says other not-so-kind things too. Most of us are familiar with the experience of having a voice inside that can...

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Fresh Feelings

Slowing down to experience the world with your child is not always easy, nor possible!- but this Spring we invite you to carve out space to look at the world through fresh eyes. It may just be the boost to...

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It’s Okay to Let Your Child be Bored

Letting Your Kids be Bored is Helping Them Expand Their Imagination “I’m bored!” the complaint echoes through the house as your child finds themselves in-between activities. What do you do? Do you find them an activity and try to distract...

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How to Teach Children Kindness

How can we teach children kindness? It’s a big question about an important, but sometimes elusive, idea. If you’re curious about how to teach kids kindness, read on for some fun and easy ways of making kindness a part of...

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Loving the Imperfect Moments

There are many difficult moments in the life of a parent - to say the least. I had many ideas about who I would be as a mother, most of which completely unraveled as I set into the reality of...

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The Benefits of Mindfulness

Life is constantly pulling us and our thoughts in a thousand different directions. As adults, we often worry about the future or the past, usually without even realizing it. We are constantly analyzing or being swept up in the emotions...

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