Gifts for Ages 3-8

Cuddly creatures and skill-building books help your child become caring, confident, and resilient.


Confidence Crew

Gifts for Ages 3-8

$ 202.00

Promotes: Confidence & Self-Acceptance

Choose Snugglers or Kins.

Reinforce children’s belief in themselves and their ability to face challenges with the complete Confidence Crew. Focused on empowering children by assisting them in building positive self-worth, resolving conflict, and staying true to themselves, this crew gives children the tools they need to become confident in the world around them.

In this complete collection, children will learn:

  • The importance of self-esteem with Bigfoot
  • How to cope with big feelings and repair relationships with Hammerhead
  • To stay true to themselves and let their light shine with Unicorn
  • That they are enough just the way they are with Yak
  • Through problem-solving and a growth mindset, anything is possible with Narwhal

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Confidence Crew